The Moment of Contemplation

Forsa Gallery together with Hyatt Regency Kyiv presented a new project by Oleksiy Lytvynenko.

“By capturing our attention on ordinary phenomena, Oleksiy Lytvynenko brings a new understanding of familiar everyday things into the viewer’s life. Oleksiy’s paintings became an occasion to look at the world differently. Contemplation is a way of knowing the world and discovering the truth, ”says gallery owner Alisa Nanavova.


In the presented works of Oleksiy Lytvynenko there is space, a certain unity of time and space, which remains inconspicuous in details, but understandable in general. We cannot comprehend the mystery of the starry sky, but we perceive it as a grand and at the same time habitual phenomenon.

The purpose of Litvinenko’s painting is to penetrate the essence of the world, to the basic depths. By choosing a carefully simple painting style, the artist avoids the temptations of decorating, decorating, and vanity. Instead, in his works, we find a sufficient minimum that reproduces the harmony of existence.

The artist mostly works in the genre of easel painting, creating canvases in the style of metaphysical realism. Usually, Litvinenko deals with a large format – the size of his maximum experience and skills. The conceptual way of solving the painting plane of the artist is to show the big through the small, to surprise the viewer with unexpected magic of invisible, at first glance, detail. This is exactly the color of the “pure field”, which was approved by abstractionists.