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Born in 1988, Haisyn, Ukraine.
Lives and works in Kyiv.
2011 •Kyiv State Institute of Decorative Arts and Design named after M. Boichuk– Kyiv, Ukraine
Awards and Residences

2019 • International Symposium of Modern Art “Biriuchyi 019” – Biriuchyi Island, Ukraine
2019• Sculpture Camp, Port Creative Hub –Lviv, Ukraine
2016•Roger Pic Prize, Short List – France

Personal Exhibitions
2018•“Nature vs Architectur”, America House Kyiv – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018•“New Old”,Institutfrançaisd’Ukraine – Kyiv, Ukraine
2017•“Save us”,InvogueArt – Odessa, Ukraine
2015•“…The Last”,Bereznitsky Aesthetics – Kyiv, Ukraine
Group Exhibitions / Art Fairs / Projections / Festivals

2019•“Exodus”, Kyiv History Museum – Kyiv, Ukraine
2019•“Museum of dematerialized porcelaine figurines”, OFAM – Odessa, Ukraine
2019•“Careful with that axe, Eugene”,Akt – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018•“Summer Show”,Voloshyn Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018•“New Dark Age”, BAF – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018•“More Than Sculpture”, Art Ukraine Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018•“Open museum”,Electromuseum – Moscow, Russia
2017•“Be Positive”, America HouseKyiv – Kyiv, Ukraine
2017•“OFF THE MARBLE CLIFFS!”, KWADRAT – Berlin, Germany
2017 • Code Art Fair – Copenhagen, Denmark
2017 • “Art | Work”,Mystetskyi Arsenal – Kyiv, Ukraine
2016•“Trust me if you can’t”, SABSAY gallery – Copenhagen, Denmark
2016•“Social Meditation”, Kyiv Art Week – Kyiv, Ukraine
2016•“Burn, Babylon”, GogolFest project– Kyiv, Ukraine
2015•“The Revolution of Dignity”, Woodrow Wilson Center– Washington, USA
2014•Multimedia project “[UN]MOVED”,Mystetskyi Arsenal – Kyiv, Ukraine
2014•“Freedom Detection”, Mystetskyi Arsenal – Kyiv, Ukraine
2013•“Industrial Eden”, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine – Kyiv, Ukraine.
2013. “Depressurization of the Museum of the Universe”, Luhansk Regional Museum – Luhansk, Ukraine
2012•“The New Picture of Kyiv”, Lavra Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine
2012•“Art Sfera Expo”, Kyiv Planetarium – Kyiv, Ukraine
2012 • “Rhythm Section”, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine – Kyiv, Ukraine