Colours of Art

Forsa Gallery together with Hyatt Regency Kyiv present a new project “Colors of Art” – an exposition of works by contemporary Ukrainian artist Roman Zhuk and sculptor Viktor Lipovka.

Roman Zhuk is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. He has been actively exhibiting around the world since 1987. Roman Zhuk belongs to the masters of contemporary art. In the late 1980s, together with the founders of the Ukrainian trans-avant-garde, he stood at the origins of the Ukrainian contemporary art of the New Wave. The artist belongs to the Lviv school of painting. Throughout the 1990s, the artist formed and developed his original painting style, based on a careful study of the plane of the canvas and the transformation of traditional genres (drawing, still life and portrait) into mysterious stories.

The artist has exhibited in Toronto, Athens, New York, Amsterdam, Chicago, Geneva, and other cities. Roman Zhuk’s works are in the collection of the National Art Museum of Ukraine. 

His work has been repeatedly shown at leading international art fairs and exhibitions, such as Art Palm Beach, Art Geneva, an exhibition of Ukrainian art at the National Art Club New York.


Victor Lipovka works in the area of an easel and monumental sculpture. Preferred sculptural materials are bronze, granite, marble, and wood. He was born in the Chernihiv region in 1956, and he had an excellent background in sculpture. Victor first graduated from the School of Art of the Ukrainian Republic, followed by a full course at the Kyiv State Institut of Arts, and after he mastered at artistic studios of the Academy of Arts of the former USSR. Victor Lipovka is the author of more than 15 monumental sculptures and garden-park compositions. He has participated in numerous exhibitions, conferences, auctions in Ukraine and abroad since 1978. The artworks are exhibited in 26 museums all over the world, as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, France, the USA, Switzerland, UAE.