Upper and Lower

Petro Bevza is an outstanding Ukrainian artist and sculptor, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1990), a member of the All-Ukrainian Creative Union (1997). He graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute (1985).


The artworks of the artist from his cycle “Semantic Paradise” were presented within the framework of the exhibition. Within abstract art, the term “semantic” can be interpreted as “meaningful”, and the category “paradise” – as “the original harmony of everything.” Thus, one of the term “semantic paradise” interpretations is “primordial harmony of meanings.”

For Petro Bevza, “Semantic Paradise” is a place brought into being by the creator, where human is in harmony with the world around him, where there is no conflict between intention and will. In the works of this cycle, the artist fixes not geographical, archetypal, or symbolic objects, but categories of abstraction.

This art project creates, as it were, a magical garden of signs and symbols, which allows, as if only contemplating, to immerse oneself in it and become a co-creator oneself.