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Petro Bevza

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Petro Bevza was born on January 1, 1963 in the Kyiv region in a family of teachers. He graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute (1985). In 1990 he joined the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. In the same year the first personal exhibition of paintings is exhibited. 

Petro Bevza is author of ideas, co-curator and participant in numerous art projects. He was awarded the Diploma of the city of Kyiv for the best work of painting of 1994. Winner of numerous awards at national and international exhibitions. Actively exhibited with personal art projects in Ukraine and abroad: “C’est moi. Reality of Abstraction ”at the National Art Museum of Ukraine (1995), painting series“ Theodosia ”(2002-2006), personal art project“ Jordan ”(2016-2017) at the Ukrainian Institute of America (New York), Odessa Art Museum, Andrei Sheptytsky National Art Museum (Lviv), National Museum of Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art (Kyiv), Korsakov Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art (Lutsk).

From the very beginning of his career, Petro Bevza professes the principle of “art around us” and affirms the truth that real art is born of love. He understands that everybody has own destiny, own path. You will not find aggression or simulative effects on Petro Bevza’s artworks.  The artist organically combines figurative and non-figurative display of the found image and inner sensation. 

Bevza’s works are in the National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine), Museum of Contemporary Art “PasquArt” (Biel-Bienne, Switzerland), National Museum in Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine), Odessa Art Museum (Kiev, Ukraine), Museum contemporary art “Soviart” (Kiev, Ukraine), Zaporozhye Art Museum (Zaporozhye, Ukraine), International Academy of the Environment (Geneva, Switzerland), International Renaissance Foundation (Kiev, Ukraine), National Bank of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine). 

And also in private collections in the USA, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Japan.

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Maria Kulikovska

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Maria Kulikovskaya is a multimedia artist, sculptor and performer. Finalist of the MUHi-2010 competition. Project “Soma – Tilo without stati” – a sculptural installation of 20 tons of salt – nominee for the PinchukArtCentre Prize, 2013. Maria was exhibited twice in the Saatchi Gallery in London, after which the sculptural triptych “Homo Bulla. Replica” (2015) was purchased in one of the largest public collections in Germany – in the Deutsche Telekom Art Collection. In 2017, the artist was invited to the two-month residency of the Liverpool Biennale.


In 2018, the Munich Ministry of Culture invited the artist to reside at the Ebenbockhouse and at the Pasinger Fabrik cultural center. Three sculptures from the Carpe Diem series were presented at the Ludwig Museum in Budapest, Hungary (2018) during the group exhibition of the Ukrainian avant-garde “Permanent Revolution”. In 2018, a triptych of soap figures by Kulikovskaya was installed in the Cidade da Cultura National Cultural Park in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. In 2019, she received a special scholarship-award for master’s theses of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Konstfack University, Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Moment of Contemplation

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Forsa Gallery together with Hyatt Regency Kyiv presented a new project by Oleksiy Lytvynenko.

“By capturing our attention on ordinary phenomena, Oleksiy Lytvynenko brings a new understanding of familiar everyday things into the viewer’s life. Oleksiy’s paintings became an occasion to look at the world differently. Contemplation is a way of knowing the world and discovering the truth, ”says gallery owner Alisa Nanavova.


In the presented works of Oleksiy Lytvynenko there is space, a certain unity of time and space, which remains inconspicuous in details, but understandable in general. We cannot comprehend the mystery of the starry sky, but we perceive it as a grand and at the same time habitual phenomenon.

The purpose of Litvinenko’s painting is to penetrate the essence of the world, to the basic depths. By choosing a carefully simple painting style, the artist avoids the temptations of decorating, decorating, and vanity. Instead, in his works, we find a sufficient minimum that reproduces the harmony of existence.

The artist mostly works in the genre of easel painting, creating canvases in the style of metaphysical realism. Usually, Litvinenko deals with a large format – the size of his maximum experience and skills. The conceptual way of solving the painting plane of the artist is to show the big through the small, to surprise the viewer with unexpected magic of invisible, at first glance, detail. This is exactly the color of the “pure field”, which was approved by abstractionists.

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Artem Volokitin AND HIS 5 QUOTES

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1. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, and I’ve always loved it. If anyone said I was going to be an artist, I wouldn’t believe it. My father, Nikolay, was a sportsman. He was a professional in football, volleyball and gymnastics. I was supported to make a career in sports but I resisted it. My uncle, a professional artist Mikhail Borodatov, lived nearby. I used to go into his workplace and stay there the whole day. His studio had a unique atmosphere that I’ve created in my own studio with an amazing view of the Philharmonic and the Opera House as well. I could spend hours in there, watch how my uncle paint and do my own thing.
I never thought about becoming an artist, I just became one.

2. Art has no right to
In art, everything is possible, it’s a liberating zone in which there is not even a single prohibition. In the project I’m running right now, I’m always revealing what I care about at the moment, what I’m interested in and close to. At first, I studied the structure of the flower, the landscape. Later, I was interested in the portrait, the person and everything connected to it. At this stage, I study superreality (surrealism) and use the postimage principle in my latest works. I like to combine optical illusions and classical painting.

3. The best thing for an artist is to do what (s)he is interested in,  and to have no time limits /no deadlines.

4. An artwork is unique at each stage of its creation. I collected visual impressions which I subsequently used in my series “Gardens. Perspective” during my trip to the gardens of England, Italy and France. Travelling across Europe I collected visual images of the sky, clouds for the series “Irreversible Beauty” and for the series “Spectacle”. In museums, I researched engravings and collected material for translating these engravings into a painting technique, using the unique graphic principles of the authors that impressed me.

5. I would like to work with Bjork to visualize her audio material. When I create a painting, I often use audio, including Bjork. This inspires me and creates momentum for painting.

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A famous Ukrainian sculptor Sergii Shaulis share his phrases about art for #forsa_five.
1. It is hard for me to answer about my first artistic impression because the art surrounds me since I was a shorty.
2. A form filled with meaning is the most difficult form.
3. The best material for me is the one that gives me the opportunity to experiment.
4. The sculpture is entitled to do everything.
5. What amazes me most is the opportunity to learn new things every day.
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Continuing with our #forsa_five artists’ phrases. Today we present five quotes by Ukrainian artist – Julia Beliaeva.

Julia Belyaeva – artist and 3-d sculptor working with a wide range of media: virtual reality, digital art and neon. She participated in the projects “SAVE US” (Odesa 2017), “Burn, Babylon”, special project Gogolfest (Kyiv, 2016) and others. Artist`s works were presented at SABSAY Gallery (Copenhagen, 2015), KWADRAT (Berlin,2017) Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, 2015) and so on.

1. To understand contemporary art means to understand human psychology: I like art that describes global issues through the prism of personality.

2.  The work of the artist is a subjective opinion, but a single opinion isn`t enough, it needs a qualitative and accurate translation.

3.  If I wasn’t into art, I would become a … psychologist or psychopath ).

4. The artist has the right to do everything except murder and violence.

5. When I am losing all heart, I read a book, watch a movie or rest outdoors.

Photo – frames from video experiment #selfisolation

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Alevtina Kakhidze and her 5 quotes about art

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Alevtina Kakhidze – Laureate of the Malevich Prize for Ukrainian artists in 2008, winner of the competition of young artists and curators of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA 2002; graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, the Jan van Eyck Academy (Maastricht, Netherlands); participant of many international and Ukrainian art projects.

We asked Alevtina to continue five phrases from our quiz and here are her answers:

1. Art has the right to … mistake.
2. Lucky in art, those who … know that happiness is a conditional thing, and a random thing is lucky.
3. My first artwork was sold – it’s … probably a drawing, but I don’t remember which one.
4. An artwork that I will never sell – … my portrait, painted by my husband, who is not an artist (does not consider himself an artist). From my own artworks, there are none.
5. The artwork of another artist, which I would dream to receive – … a sculpture of the Lion of Venice, but I do not know the name of the artist.