Artem Volokitin AND HIS 5 QUOTES

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1. I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, and I’ve always loved it. If anyone said I was going to be an artist, I wouldn’t believe it. My father, Nikolay, was a sportsman. He was a professional in football, volleyball and gymnastics. I was supported to make a career in sports but I resisted it. My uncle, a professional artist Mikhail Borodatov, lived nearby. I used to go into his workplace and stay there the whole day. His studio had a unique atmosphere that I’ve created in my own studio with an amazing view of the Philharmonic and the Opera House as well. I could spend hours in there, watch how my uncle paint and do my own thing.
I never thought about becoming an artist, I just became one.

2. Art has no right to
In art, everything is possible, it’s a liberating zone in which there is not even a single prohibition. In the project I’m running right now, I’m always revealing what I care about at the moment, what I’m interested in and close to. At first, I studied the structure of the flower, the landscape. Later, I was interested in the portrait, the person and everything connected to it. At this stage, I study superreality (surrealism) and use the postimage principle in my latest works. I like to combine optical illusions and classical painting.

3. The best thing for an artist is to do what (s)he is interested in,  and to have no time limits /no deadlines.

4. An artwork is unique at each stage of its creation. I collected visual impressions which I subsequently used in my series “Gardens. Perspective” during my trip to the gardens of England, Italy and France. Travelling across Europe I collected visual images of the sky, clouds for the series “Irreversible Beauty” and for the series “Spectacle”. In museums, I researched engravings and collected material for translating these engravings into a painting technique, using the unique graphic principles of the authors that impressed me.

5. I would like to work with Bjork to visualize her audio material. When I create a painting, I often use audio, including Bjork. This inspires me and creates momentum for painting.

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