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Continuing with our #forsa_five artists’ phrases. Today we present five quotes by Ukrainian artist – Julia Beliaeva.

Julia Belyaeva – artist and 3-d sculptor working with a wide range of media: virtual reality, digital art and neon. She participated in the projects “SAVE US” (Odesa 2017), “Burn, Babylon”, special project Gogolfest (Kyiv, 2016) and others. Artist`s works were presented at SABSAY Gallery (Copenhagen, 2015), KWADRAT (Berlin,2017) Woodrow Wilson Center (Washington, 2015) and so on.

1. To understand contemporary art means to understand human psychology: I like art that describes global issues through the prism of personality.

2.  The work of the artist is a subjective opinion, but a single opinion isn`t enough, it needs a qualitative and accurate translation.

3.  If I wasn’t into art, I would become a … psychologist or psychopath ).

4. The artist has the right to do everything except murder and violence.

5. When I am losing all heart, I read a book, watch a movie or rest outdoors.

Photo – frames from video experiment #selfisolation

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